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Postdoc Meet & Mingle

The event series "Meet & Mingle" is a hybrid information and networking event for postdocs at Helmholtz Munich, jointly organized by the Postdoc Center and the Helmholtz Munich Postdoc Association. The events are a great opportunity to meet your colleagues and network in an informal setting!

The events take place 3-4 times a year and are a great opportunity to connect postdocs across departments and disciplines at Helmholtz Munich.

We will share information about upcoming events via Teams & the Postdoc Mailinglist.

Do you have ideas for speakers for future meet & mingles or information sessions that you would like to see included? Please get in touch with the Postdoc Association anytime! 

Join the next Postdoc Meet & Mingle

Join the next Meet & Mingle on Tuesday March 12th! 

We are inviting all postdocs at Helmholtz Munich to join us for an informal networking event on March 12th. This session will be opened by a short talk on career perspectives beyond academia by an invited keynote speaker. Afterwards, meet & catch up with your peers over a drink and snack! 

Agenda for the Meet & Mingle 

17.00-17.10: Welcome & Introduction by the Helmholtz Munich Postdoc Association

17.10-17.45: Keynote Talk "From Academia to Biotech: Marijke Jansma's Journey with NanoTemper Technologies" by Dr. Marijke Jansma, Field Application Specialist at NanoTemper

Afterwards: Reception with Food & Snacks &  Interactive Networking Session

How to Register for the Event

To join the virtual and the on-site networking event, please register via this Registration Link until Wednesday, March 6th, 2024.