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©Yves Peitzner (Studio-Tish)

Art Installation at Helmholtz Diabetes Center

The “Garden of Forking Paths” will be on display in the inner courtyard of the Helmholtz Diabetes Center from April 2022. Yves Peitzner created the design within the "Art in Architecture" competition for new buildings at the campus.

At the end of 2020, Helmholtz Zentrum München called for entries to the "Art in Architecture" competition for two new scientific buildings, the Helmholtz Diabetes Center and the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus. From 125 initial applicants, 15 finalists were selected for the competition, which from this point onwards proceeded anonymously.
The artists were free to choose whether they wanted to create a representative work on the forecourt of the two buildings or to create an artistic installation in the interior of the buildings. The work would have to relate to, or connect the two buildings and their functions in terms of content or form. The designs were judged in May 2021 by a top-class art and expert jury, including the well-known artist and filmmaker Prof. Dr. Hito Steyerl and Prof. Dr. Michael John Gorman, founding director of Biotopia.

Yves Peitzner (Studio-Tish) took the honors in the end with his submitted design “Garden of Forking Paths” which will be installed in the Helmholtz Diabetes Center courtyard. The artist has developed an IT program that mimics the algorithm of poems and then feeds it with scientific research results from the Center. Poems that are created from this will be displayed on an LED installation for visitors to read.

About “Art in Architecture”:

As early as 1950, the German Bundestag stipulated that a fixed percentage of the construction sum for all federal buildings should be used for art in construction. Art in buildings is thus an integral part of the public building contract. The works should make “an independent artistic contribution to the building task that establishes a relationship to the architecture or the function of the building”. To achieve this, the federal government regularly organizes art in construction competitions, which are usually conducted as open or restricted open procedures.

The artists and their designs

  • Masayuji Akiyoshi: Wurzelgeflecht
  • Valentin Beinroth: Apparatus 01-05
  • Andrea Böning: Outlook
  • Anna Borgmann und Candy Lenk: Versuchsreihe
  • Astrid Busch: Ohne Titel (Glasbild)
  • Florian Claar: Entropische Étude
  • Cécile Dupaquier: Die große Spirale
  • Sylvia Hansmann: Schwingung Luft Farbe
  • KIM/ILLI (Seulbi Kim & Christian Illi): Written in codes
  • Werner Klotz: Colloquium Externum
  • Götz Lemberg: Doppelhelix
  • Birgit Schuh: Jahreskonsum
  • Studio Karin Sander: Pioneer
  • Studio TISH, Yves Peitzner:Garden of forking paths
  • Tim Trantenroth: Clusterdimensionen