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Verleihung des Total E Qulitiy Preises 2023
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Celebrating the Total E-Quality Award 2023 for Helmholtz Munich

Awards & Grants,

In July of this year, Helmholtz Munich received the Total E-Quality Award, which was accepted by Dr. Gülcin Abbaszade in Dortmund during the official ceremony on October 19, 2023.

"It was an honor and a joy to be there and accept the Total E-Quality Award. This recognition not only acknowledges our endeavors to promote equality and diversity within the center but also highlights our commitment to further implement these values," says Abbaszade.

"We take pride in being part of a transformation that leads to a fairer and more inclusive world. We are determined to continue this journey to ensure that equality and diversity are not mere words but a tangible reality. Once again, I extend my gratitude for this significant award to Dr. Ulla Weber and Total E-Quality," Abbaszade adds.

Helmholtz Munich has been awarded for the seventh time, acknowledging exceptional commitment to workplace equality. The award recognizes companies and organizations in the fields of business, science, and administration. " We take pride in this recurring acknowledgment and are thrilled by the success of the diverse projects we have already effectively put into action,“ says Michael Deeg, Head of Human Resources at Helmholtz Munich.

Helmholtz Munich introduced a Diversity Management program in June, under the motto "We are Diversity." The project is focused on establishing and enhancing diversity-sensitive recruitment processes and fostering a culture of diversity through a range of initiatives. These initiatives encompass a training program aimed at increasing awareness of diversity among not only the leadership but also various target groups within the organization, equipping them with essential knowledge and appropriate tools. The overarching objective is to nurture an inclusive and collaborative atmosphere within individual teams and throughout the organization.

Total E-Quality Award 2023