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Climate change and heat: What is the impact on people with diabetes?

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The increase in heat periods as a result of climate change can be more critical for people with diabetes than for metabolically healthy people. This is especially true at older ages. The article "Heat and diabetes" from deals with helpful tips for people with diabetes and at the same time shows what a healthy and equally climate-friendly lifestyle can look like. The information is also clearly presented in the videos "Heat in diabetes: how the body reacts", "6 tips in the heat" and "Sustainable and healthy living".

"One of the main issues related to diabetes and heat is the risk of blood glucose levels rising or falling, causing hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia. People with diabetes also have a higher risk of heat exhaustion,” explains Dr. Alexandra Schneider, head of the Environmental Risks Research Group at the Institute of Epidemiology at Helmholtz Munich. "This can occur when the body does not have enough fluids and salts at high temperatures, often together with physical exertion, and is thus overwhelmed with cooling. Consequently, it cannot sweat enough and tries to cool itself in other ways. For this reason, people with diabetes should increase their fluid intake in warm weather by drinking water regularly throughout the day to compensate for the loss when the body tries to cool itself by sweating," says Alexandra Schneider.

To learn more, listen to the new podcast with Dr. Alexandra Schneider, "Climate change and heat - what does it mean for our health?" - to find on all current streaming services.


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