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DAG 2022 Preisverleihung (3)
DAG/Tanja Seel

Cristina García-Cáceres receives the DAG research award 2022

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Prof. Cristina García-Cáceres (second left) receives the DAG research award 2022 for her scientific contribution in the field of obesity research. The prize, she shares with Dr. Anne Lautenbach from the University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf, was awarded during the 38th annual meeting of the German Obesity Society (DAG) in Munich.

Prof. García-Cáceres was originally recruited to Helmholtz Munich in 2012 from the Autonoma University of Madrid as a Postdoctoral Scientist, and was promoted in 2015 to lead the Astrocyte-Neuron Network Unit at the Institute for Diabetes and Obesity (IDO). Since then, she established and consolidated her own research group in collaboration with internationally recognized leaders in the field of neuronal, glial cell biology and obesity. In 2017 she was awarded by the prestigious ERC Starting Grant to continue on exploring the role of astrocytes in the control of whole-body metabolism.

Her discoveries represent a paradigm shift to the extent that not only neurons regulate metabolism, food intake and body weight but also glia cells – such as astrocytes – play an essential role in the respective regulatory control centers. The research highlights that astrocytes might be potential targets for improved pharmacological strategies, aiming at overcoming disease states such as diabetes and obesity.

Every year at its annual meeting, the DAG awards a research prize for outstanding scientific work in the field of obesity research. Aspiring scientists are honored for their outstanding scientific achievements in German-speaking countries. Previous scientific work in the field of obesity research and the applicant’s career are used as evaluation criteria. The German Obesity Society (DAG) is committed to strengthening the prevention and treatment of obesity and brings experts in this field together.

"I am very grateful to receive this award. I would also like to thank the people who believed in me and supported me through my scientific career so far." - Prof. Cristina García-Cáceres