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Porträt Michael Schloter
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Helmholtz Munich Microbiologist Michael Schloter Appointed to Professorship at TUM

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Prof. Michael Schloter, a microbiologist known for his expertise in microbiome research, has been appointed to a professorship of Environmental Microbiology at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). With an impressive academic background and a passion for exploring the diversity and adaptability of microorganisms, Michael Schloter will continue his fascinating work in the field of microbiome research. He now holds a dual professorship at TUM and Helmholtz Munich.

Michael Schloter's research is focused on the interactions between environmental microbiota and various host microbiomes, including the human microbiome. Employing advanced cultivation-independent "omics" approaches, he characterizes microbiomes in terms of their structure and function. Additionally, he endeavors to isolate essential microorganisms and conduct in-depth studies of their physiology. Michael Schloter's expertise earned him the title of honorary professor for Soil Microbiology at TUM in 2009, and he now assumes the position of Professor of Environmental Microbiology at TUM in 2023.

Since 2011 Michael Schloter is additionally the Director of the Research Unit for Comparative Microbiome Analysis at Helmholtz Munich, where he explores strategies to harness the functional potential of microbiomes associated with humans, leading to improved health outcomes and reduced environmental diseases, including allergies and infections. In his new position, Michael Schloter will benefit from the medical-orientated research at Helmholtz Munich and the research in the area of environmental sciences at TUM, which will enable him to work on the therapy and prevention of environmental diseases in the future.

With his dual appointment at TUM and Helmholtz Munich, Michael Schloter will continue to make significant contributions to advancing the understanding of microbiomes and their potential applications in human health.


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