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Helmholtz Pioneer Campus (HPC)
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Life Science Factory to Open a New Location at Helmholtz Munich in 2024

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HPC Gebäude  am 12.07.23 (Eröffnungsfeier)
HPC Gebäude aufgenommen am 12.07.23

The Life Science Factory incubator initiated by Sartorius in Göttingen and the top biomedical research center Helmholtz Munich are entering into a strategic partnership to support spin-offs in the life sciences. Within this framework, the Life Science Factory will open a second location in the newly opened Helmholtz Pioneer Campus in spring 2024. As in Göttingen, the new location will also offer young founders access to laboratories and essential infrastructure as well as authoritative business expertise and a start-up network in the field of life sciences, thus significantly supporting the translation of innovative technologies.

Highly qualified, interdisciplinary researchers from all over the world work at the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus in Neuherberg. They connect for example artificial intelligence with biomedicine and engineering science with Helmholtz Munich's award-winning diabetes research, resulting in new cutting-edge technologies that stimulates important medical research.

The opening of the Life Science Factory expands the services offered at the Pioneer Campus. The cooperation is intended to provide long-term and needs-based support for scientific spin-offs, both through optimal infrastructure and well-founded content-related support. Life Science Factory occupies its own floor of about 1,800 m2 and provides fully equipped laboratories and co-working spaces to start-ups, which can also benefit from a wide-ranging mentoring and events program that offers opportunities for exchange and access to relevant start-up knowledge and a corresponding network. In terms of content, the offer focuses not only on life sciences but also on interface technologies such as bioengineering and AI applications.

Marco Janezic, Managing Director of Life Science Factory explains: "After our positive experiences at our original location in Göttingen, we are pleased to enter an additional strong and established ecosystem with our new location in Munich. The proximity to Helmholtz Munich and the resident research institutions will promote greater exchange and the transfer of innovative research into commercial applications."

Matthias Tschöp, CEO of Helmholtz Munich and founding director of the Pioneer Campus states: "Creative entrepreneurial spirit and successful start-ups count just as much at the Pioneer Campus as scientific publications or prestigious awards. Through the strategic partnership with the Life Science Factory, we are creating a stimulating environment for our researchers to bring their ideas into practice faster and easier. Founders will find a unique setting to shape the future of biomedical development."


About the Life Science Factory

The Life Science Factory initiated by Sartorius promotes scientific progress and start-ups in the life science sector. The aim is to strengthen research and development of innovative technologies with a clear application focus and to offer scientists the space to take their first steps outside academic institutions.

Since January 2022, the Life Science Factory in Göttingen's Sartorius Quarter has offered and fully equipped state-of-the-art laboratory space, coworking spaces, multi-use event spaces and a prototyping workshop. Regular events, mentoring and workshops are an integral part of the Life Science Factory's offerings.

Further information on the Life Science Factory can be found here