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M1 Unterzeichnung
©Axel König/StMWK

Helmholtz Munich strengthens healthcare excellence in Munich through strategic alliance


"M1 - Munich Medicine Alliance" established as a strategic alliance for excellence in healthcare in Munich.

As part of the Highmed Agenda Bavaria, the State of Bavaria is establishing the "M1 - Munich Medicine Alliance" as a strategic alliance for excellence in healthcare in Munich. This alliance will establish the Bavarian capital as Germany's leading center for academic medicine. The Munich University Hospitals already treat more patients annually than any other university medical center in Germany.

The "M1 - Munich Medicine Alliance" brings together the medical faculties of Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and Technical University of Munich (LMU and TUM), the Munich University Hospitals, and Helmholtz Munich under a shared brand. This strategic partnership enables the healthcare hub to leverage its potential in research and patient care and strengthen its international presence.

As part of the alliance, Helmholtz Munich plays a crucial role in enhancing excellence in healthcare in Munich. Through collaboration with the medical faculties and university hospitals, Helmholtz Munich will contribute to advancing medical progress and further improving the quality of healthcare in Munich and beyond.