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The Core Facility Statistical Consulting Offers Support for Grant Applications

Core Facilities,

Are you currently writing a grant and struggling with the statistical part? Are you looking for support from experts? At Helmholtz Munich, the Core Facility Statistical Consulting has released a new service that offers statistical expertise for grant applications.

The Core Facility Statistical Consulting (CF-STATCON) at Helmholtz Munich offers teaching and statistical consulting for research institutes, external academic institutions, and industrial partners. The team’s expertise ranges from high-quality statistical courses and coaching to consulting, and lately assistance with grant applications.

The new service offered by the team of mathematical and statistical experts has the goal to enhance grant proposals and strengthen their credibility. The service is not only aimed at Helmholtz Munich researchers but is open to all scientists who need help with their grant. The team provides support throughout the entire process of grant application, placing great emphasis on appropriate study design, robust data collection, and suitable methods. They also ensure that the methods and results sections are clearly written and that findings are put in the right context.

This new support by the team of CF-STATCON is a great asset for Helmholtz Munich researchers as well as external partners, as statistical expertise in a grant proposal lends it credibility and improves chances of satisfying reviewers and funding agencies – a major step towards grant acceptance.