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Timo Müller Awarded with Werner Creutzfeldt Prize

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The German Diabetes Society (DDG) awards this year's Werner Creutzfeldt Prize to Helmholtz Munich scientist PD Dr Timo Müller for his exceptional work in the research field of Incretin-based diabetes and obesity. This is already the second time in a row, that a scientist from Helmholtz Munich has been awarded with this prestigious award for their research on diabetes mellitus. Last year's Werner Creutzfeldt Prize went to Prof Dr Stephan Herzig, Head of the Helmholtz Munich Diabetes Center and Director of the Institute for Diabetes and Cancer. This highlights the outstanding expertise in the field of diabetes research at Helmholtz Munich.

Timo Müller has been working on the treatment and understanding of diabetes since 2009, when he transferred to the Metabolic Disease Institute at the University of Cincinnati, USA, as a postdoctoral fellow. Ever since he returned to Germany in 2011, he is leading the Division of Molecular Pharmacology at the Institute for Diabetes and Obesity (IDO) at Helmholtz Munich. In addition, he functions as acting Director of the IDO since 2018.

Among his numerous research discoveries, he identified different receptors regulating energy metabolism and developed several novel pharmacological strategies to target beta cells for diabetes remission, and for treatment of type-2 diabetes and obesity, just to name a few. His findings were published in high-ranking journals such as Cell, Cell Metabolism, Nature Medicine and Nature Metabolism.

With his focus on molecular pharmacology, he strives to unravel mechanisms linked to obesity and diabetes. Timo Müllers goal is to develop incretin-based pharmacotherapies for the treatment of obesity and diabetes.


About the award

The Werner Creutzfeldt Prize of the DDG, endowed with 10,000 euros and donated by the company Lilly Deutschland GmbH, is awarded to researching physicians and scientists for extraordinary work in the field of pathophysiology and therapy of diabetes mellitus, with a special focus on the field of "gastrointestinal hormones".


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