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Dr. Ingo Burtscher

Deputy director and Group Leader Stem Cell Research, Institute of Diabetes and Regeneration Research (IDR)

Dr. Ingo Burtscher

Deputy director and Group Leader Stem Cell Research, Institute of Diabetes and Regeneration Research (IDR)

Research focus and Academic Career

Ingo Burtscher did his undergraduate studies of Molecular Biology and Microbiology at the University of Vienna. For his Master thesis he went in to the Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP) in the group of Gerhard Christofori where he studied PI3  kinase survival pathways in insulinoma cells. During this time he discovered his interest cloning and generated his first transgenic mouse line.

For his PhD he went to the Queen Mary and Westfield College at the University of London, where he studied in the group of Dean Nizetic the protein function of a ubiquitin-specific protease. During this time he generated fluorescent fusion proteins and use them for microscopy and time lapse imaging.

In 2005 Ingo Burtscher started his post doc in the Stem Cell institute in the Junior Group of Dr. Heiko Lickert where he studied the formation of the endoderm layer during gastrulation of the mouse. He generated numerous fluorescent reporter mouse lines that allowed a deeper analysis during the formation of the  endoderm.

In 2013 the Institute of Diabetes and Regeneration (IDR) was founded and Ingo took on the role as Deputy Director and Group leader of the stem cell group. The research focus shifted from mouse development toward more translational work using human stem cells. Again he and his team generated numerous fluorescent reporter lines, this time using human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). The current questions being tackled in his team are endocrine lineage decisions of the human pancreas, maturation of beta cells and understanding the pancreatic endocrine niche and its role for beta cell function.


CRISPR/Cas 9iPSCfluorescent reporter linesBeta cell biologyBeta cell differentiationPancreas developmentBeta cell replacement therapiesdisease modeling and drug screening

Professional Career

Since 2012

Head of the group Stem Cell Research

Institute of Diabetes and Regeneration Research, Helmholtz Center Munich


Postdoc in Endoderm Research

Stem Cell Institute, Helmholtz Zentrum Munich


PhD student

Queen Mary & Westfield College, University of London


Diploma studies in Biology

University of Vienna

Most important publications

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2016 Stem Cell Res

Wang X, Chen S, Burtscher I, Sterr M, Hieronimus A, Machicao F, Staiger H, Häring HU, Lederer G, Meitinger T, Lickert H.

Networks and Affiliations


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