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Molecular Diabetology and Exercise

Weigert Lab

About our research

Our goal is to identify and characterize molecular determinants and regulators of a successful prevention of diabetes and related diseases by exercise. In the context of exercise, we are also interested in organ crosstalk and in the regulation and function of secreted proteins and metabolites.

Regularly physical activity can prevent type 2 diabetes and the metabolic syndrome and is often superior to pharmaceutical treatment. Its numerous beneficial effects cannot only be attributed to an increase in energy expenditure and do not only take place in the working skeletal muscle, but affect the organism as a whole. We work on characterizing the molecular pathways underlying the exercise response in individual cells and organs and on identifying soluble mediators that orchestrate the beneficial effects of exercise.

Scientists at molecular diabetology and exercise

PD Dr. Miriam Hoene

Senior scientist

Dr. Simon Dreher


Jennifer Maurer

PhD student

Thomas Goj

PhD student

Highlight Publications


Prof. Dr. Cora Weigert

Senior scientist