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Helmholtz Munich Cryo-Electron Microscopy Platform

The aim of the Helmholtz Munich Cryo-Electron Microscopy Platform (CEMP) is to support scientists with the generation of structural models of protein complexes by providing access to state-of-the-art cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) equipment as well as guidance on sample preparation, data collection and data processing for single-particle analysis (SPA). In addition, the Helmholtz Munich CEMP is fully equipped for the visualization of cellular structures in their natural and functional environment at molecular resolution using in situ cryo-electron tomography.

The Helmholtz Munich CEMP hosts two ThermoFisher Scientific Vitrobot Mark IV and one Leica EM GP2 plunge freezers, a Leica Stellaris 5 cryo-confocal microscope, an Aquilos 2 Cryo-FIB/SEM, a 300kV Titan Krios G4, a 200kV Glacios as well as equipment needed for sample preparation. The Titan Krios is equipped with a cold field emission gun, a Selectris X post-column imaging filter, Volta Phase Plates and Falcon 4i direct electron detector and enables both high-resolution SPA and tomography applications. The Glacios, equipped with a Falcon 4i detector, allows for high throughput sample screening as well as high-resolution imaging.

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Portrait Marion Jasnin

Dr. Marion Jasnin

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Dr. Stefan Bohn