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Gender Equality

The Equal Opportunity Officers are the main contact for all women at the Center and are committed to the concept of equal opportunities in science and research.

The Equal Opportunity Officers are the main contact for all women at the Center and are committed to the concept of equal opportunities in science and research.

Equal Opportunity Officers develop equality measures and support their implementation in close cooperation with the Management Board and the Works Council as well as Human Resources, Personnel Development, Communications and Medical Services. These measures in particular include projects to increase the number of women in areas in which women are underrepresented, e. g. in management positions, projects to improve the compatibility of family and career, and projects to increase motivation and competence for equality among managers.

The Equal Opportunities Officer is a member of various internal committees and the Helmholtz Association working group "Women in Research Centers".

Mentoring Programs

The program "A Year for your Career" is a Helmholtz Mentoring Program for women junior staff and part of the Helmholtz Strategy Program for Equal Opportunities.

Goal of this one-year program is to prepare motivated women from science and administration for more challenging professional positions and management tasks and to strengthen their network within the Helmholtz Association long term. Experienced managers mentor 30 selected participants. These will also have the opportunity to participate in coaching and workshops.

Please find further information on the Helmholtz Mentoring Program here

Presentation "A Year for your Career"

Helmholtz Zentrum München has been participating in Cross-Mentoring München since 2013 with mentors and mentees from both science and administration.

Cross-Mentoring München is aimed at the future generations of women managers in the greater Munich area. Mentees and Mentors come from 20 companies and scientific institutions.

For Helmholtz Center women employees: Advice and further information on Cross-Mentoring München is available from the Department Human Resources Development.

Munich Dual Career Office (MDCO)

Individual solutions for individual couples – We ensure successful dual careers in the Munich Metropolitan Region! We help dual career partners to build professional networks, find job opportunities and career development strategies throughout all steps of the application process.

The MDCO supports TUM professors and their families in all issues originating from their relocation to the Munich area, as well as helping with their dual career challenges.

In addition to offering services, the MDCO is also a communications platform. By holding events regularly, it crates the necessary framework for an exchange between dual-career couples and ensures their integration into networks within and outside TUM.

Please find the homepage Dual Career here

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Dr. Gülcin Abbaszade

Gender Equality Officer

Saskia Hanf

Representative Gender Equality Officer

Isabella Salzmann-Behringer

Team Assistant