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Boyan Bonev
Helmholtz Munich | ©Carolin Jacklin

Boyan Bonev elected as EMBO Young Investigator

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Helmholtz Munich researcher Boyan Bonev, Principal Investigator of the research group “3D Genome and Molecular Neurobiology” at the Helmholtz Pioneer Campus, is selected as a new EMBO Young Investigator. Today, the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) announced the names of the young group leaders that have been selected, based on their scientific excellence and groundbreaking research.

The EMBO Young Investigator programme supports young group leaders in setting up their laboratories. The requirements: The life scientists should be within their first four years of being principal investigator and have an excellent scientific research record. The programme includes financial support for four years, and the researchers not only benefit from the international network of more than 600 current and former EMBO members, but also from various training and mentoring opportunities and support for their lab members. Helmholtz Munich researcher Boyan Bonev is one of the only 24 scientists (out of 177 applicants), that were selected as new EMBO Young Investigators and are originating from 10 EMBC member states as well as Singapore.

Decoding epigenetic mechanisms in the brain

Boyan Bonev and his research team are investigating the genetic and epigenetic blueprints of cortical development and evolution. Their goal is to decode the epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation in the cortex, and to elucidate how they control cellular fate and identity in development and evolution. The research is highly interdisciplinary, combining development neurobiology, single cell-omics, mouse genetics, CRISPR-based techniques and computational biology.

About EMBO

EMBO is an international organization of life scientists. The organization’s goal is to promote life science excellence in Europe and around the world. EMBO members support the community through their international collaborations and networks, including, for example, evaluating applications for EMBO funding, mentoring young scientists, or providing general input and feedback.