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People at Molecular Epidemiology

Dr. Christian Gieger

Head of Research Unit 'Molecular Epidemiology', Scientist

Dr. Harald Grallert

Scientist, Head of Research Group 'Diabetes and Related Traits'
Porträt Natascha Strauß

Natascha Strauss

Porträt Pamela Matias Garcia

Pamela Matias Garcia

Postdoc, Deputy Head of Research Group 'Complex Diseases'
Porträt Stephanie Mach-Kolb

Stephanie Mach-Kolb

Science Manager
Porträt Monica Gomez

Monica del Carmen Gomez Alonso

PhD Student
Porträt Hans Demski

Hans Demski

Porträt Qiuling Dong

Qiuling Dong

PhD Student
Porträt Jiefei Niu

Jiefei Niu

PhD Student
Porträt Sapna Sharma

Dr. Sapna Sharma

Senior Scientist
Porträt Nadine Lindemann

Nadine Lindemann


Ritika Sharma

PhD Student (visiting)
Porträt Julia Groth

Dr. Julia Groth

Project Manager Biobanking
Porträt Andrea Kühn-Steven

Dr. Andrea Kühn-Steven

Scientist, Deputy Head „BDE“ / QM-B
Porträt Monika Kraus

Dr. Monika Kraus


Liye Lai

PhD Student
Porträt Marketa Rynesova

Markéta Fuchs (née Rynesova)

PhD Student

Dr. Thomas Delerue

Porträt Alicia Podadera

Alicia Podadera Herreros

PhD Student

Claudia Corsten


Andreas Schmidt

Guest PhD Student

Jiaqi Zheng

PhD Student
Porträt Homa Bazireh

Homa Bazireh

PhD Student
Porträt Esienanwan Efiong

Dr. Esienanwan Efiong

Porträt Elke Rodriguez

Dr. Elke Rodriguez

Senior Scientist

Aiman Farzeen

PhD Student
Porträt Chisom Soremekun

Chisom Soremekun

Visiting PhD Student
Porträt Jonathan Adam

Jonathan Adam

Porträt Bärbel Fösel

Dr. Bärbel Fösel

Senior Scientist

Manuela Scheuner

Scientist / Deputy QM-B

Kathrin Hill


Sylwia Pietrasik

HIntergrund_EPI - LinkedIn HighlightEpigenetics

Aloysious Alonso Lubega

IT and Data Manager

Dr. Sonja Kunze

Senior Scientist

Lilia Lang

Med. Documentarist

Marc Müller

Science Manager

Dr. Aayah Nounu

Porträt Ganling Ding

Ganling Ding

PhD Student