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Seminars and Events

Epigenetics Distinguished Speaker Seminar

The Epigenetics Distinguished Speaker Seminar Series brings high profile researchers from across the world to Helmholtz Munich to give a seminar focusing on their latest research in the field of epigenetics.

The schedule of the CRC Chromatin Dynamics and IRTG Seminars can be found here.


Wei Xie

Decoding the transcription circuitry in early mammalian development

Professor & HHMI International Scholar, School of Life Science, Tsinghua University, China

Host: Maria-Elena Torres-Padilla

Time: 3 PM

Setup: Hybrid

Date 20.11.2023

Randall Platt

Associate Professor of Biological Engineering, ETH Zurich

Host: Boyan Bonev

Setup: Hybrid

Date TBA

Karlene Cimprich 

Associate Professor, Department of Bioengineering, UPenn School of Engineering and Applied Science

Host: Stephan Hamperl

Setup: Hybrid

Invited Speaker Seminars




Jan Skotheim

Mechanisms linking cell growth to division

Professor of Biology and Chemical and Systems Biology, Stanford University

Host: Kurt Schmoller

Setup: In Person


Ernesto Guccione

Transcriptional regulation in Development and Cancer

Professor of Oncological Sciences; Director Mount Sinai Center for OncoGenomics and Innovative Therapeutics (COGIT); Associate Director Mount Sinai Center for Therapeutics Discovery; Co-Director Bioinformatics for Next Generation Sequencing (BiNGS) Shared Research Resource

Host: Robert Schneider

Setup: Hybrid

Epigenetics Internal Seminar


Marr Lab and Schneider Lab 

Time: 9 AM

Setup: Virtual



Theis Lab and Uhlehaut Lab

Time: 9 AM

Setup: Virtual


Torres-Padilla Lab and Scialdone Lab

Time: 9 AM

Setup: Virtual


Zeggini Lab and Yildrim Lab

Time: 9 AM

Setup: Virtual


Cabianca Lab and Hoermanseder Lab

Time: 9 AM

Setup: Virtual


Summer edition

Battich Lab, Lindermayr LabSchmoller Lab and Jeremias Lab

Time: 4 PM

Setup: In person


Martinez-Jimenez Lab and Heinig Lab

Time: 9 AM

Setup: Virtual


Vogt Lab and Colomé-Tatché Lab

Time: 9 AM

Setup: Virtual


Stricker Lab and Groth Lab

Time: 9 AM

Setup: Virtual


Winter Edition

Hamperl Lab, Teperino Lab and Bonev Lab

Time: 4 PM

Setup: In person

Munich Epigenetics Spotlight Meeting


8th Munich Epigenetics Spotlight Meeting

Setup: In-Person