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Environmental Health Center Institute of Regenerative Biology and Medicine

With the intent to move towards a scarless world with targeted clinical therapy

With the intent to move towards a scarless world with targeted clinical therapy

Regenerative medicine is considered the next evolution of medicine and medical treatments. It encompasses interdisciplinary biological and translational areas and aims to understand human disease, trauma and aging.

The IRBM brings together basic research and applied research under one roof. Scientific topics and tasks include:

(1) Tissue repair and regeneration in animal models (Bikram Dasgupta, Aydan Sardogan, Ruoxuan Dai)

(2) Repair and regeneration mechanisms at the cellular and molecular level (Donovan-Correa Gallegos, Yue Lin)

(3) Processes involved in fibrotic disease mechanisms including scars, fibrosis, sclerosis, adhesions and chronic wounds (Shaoping Hu, Christoph Diesenhofer)



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Correa-Gallegos D.*, Ye H.*, Dasgupta B.*, Sardogan A., Kadri S., Kandi R., Dai R., Lin Y., Kopplin R., Shantaram D.S., Wannemacher J., Ichijo R., Jiang D., Strunz M., Ansari M., Angelidis I., Schiller H.B., Voltz T., Machens H.-G., Rinkevich Y. (2023). CD201+ fascia progenitors choreograph injury repair. Nature


Kalgudde GS, Dai R, Stefanska AM, Ansari M, Zhao J, Ramesh P, Bagnoli JW, Correa-Gallegos D, Lin Y, Christ S, Angelidis I, Lupperger V, Marr C, Davies LC, Enard W, Machens HG, Schiller HB, Jiang D, Rinkevich Y (2023). Wound infiltrating adipocytes are not myofibroblasts. Nat Commun 14, Article number: 3020 (2023)


Qarri A, Kültz D, Gardell A. M, Rinkevich B, Rinkevich Y (2023) Improved Media Formulations for Primary Cell Cultures Derived from a Colonial Urochordate, Cells 2023, 12(13), 1709


Fischer A, Correa-Gallegos D, Wannemacher J, Christ S, Rinkevich Y , (2023) In vivo fluorescent labeling and tracking of Extracellular Matrix, Nat Protocols 18, 2876–2890 (2023)


Ye H, Rinkevich Y (2023) Fascia layer - a novel target for the application of biomaterials in skin wound healing; International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2023, 24(3), 2936


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Qarri A, Rinkevich B, Rinkevich Y (2022) Improving the Yields of Blood Cell Extractions from Botryllus schlosseri Vasculature, Advances in aquatic invertebrate stem cell research

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