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Your successful start: a vocational training at Helmholtz Munich.

Start your career in a scientific environment with a vocational training at our research center.

Start your career in a scientific environment with a vocational training at Helmholtz Munich.

At a glance

  • 6 apprenticeship professions

  • 60 apprenticeship positions

  • Application: from 01.08. of the previous year

  • Start of training: 01.09.
    Duration: 3 to 3.5 years

  • Basic requirements: completed school education (secondary school, secondary modern school, grammar school/baccalaureate or similar)

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training in an
exciting research environment
Flexitime and
30 days holiday/year
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Canteen and
sports facilities on campus
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very good training
remuneration according to TVAöD
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Best chances of
being taken on

Application Process

Submit application

Send your application via our online application tool -> Please find the link below each job advertisement.


You will receive an email confirmation when you have successfully submitted your application.


If your profile fits, we will invite you to an interview via telephone, video conference or in person. There might be further interviews depending on the position you applied for.

Contract offer

The succesful candidate will receive a verbal contract offer.

Works Council Approval

Our Works Council will review and assess your future contract, as soon as it is approved the process continues.

Employment Contract

As a final step, you will receive your original employment contract for signature.


Your application consists of...

  • A cover letter
  • It is important that you introduce yourself and briefly describe what you are currently doing. Then it is good to mention why you want to learn this apprenticeship and why you are really suited for it. Finally, you explain why you want to do the training with us. That way you have everything you need and we look forward to receiving your application.
  • Your CV
  • Your CV should be chronologically backwards and contain all important personal data such as your school/work history, as well as your skills and knowledge, which you can describe to us, for example, through internship certificates.
  • and enclosures 
  • Your most recent school reports or your most recent report card
  • Your certificates (e.g. internships)
  • Your certificates

If you are shortlisted as an applicant, we will usually have a joint (virtual) interview. This is so that we can get to know each other personally and gain an impression of each other. Your open questions will be clarified in this interview.

Online application via our applicant portal

  • You will receive a confirmation as soon as your application has been successfully submitted.
  • If you are still a minor, please note that we need your parents' consent.

If your interview is positive, we will invite you to a further interview or to an internship (biology lab technicians & animal care taker). For office management assistants, there is a small "aptitude test" in the second round, which involves general basic knowledge questions, maths and German tasks.

  • If we have been able to win you over, you will receive a contract offer from us.
  • This contract offer will be presented to our employee representatives (works council) and after their approval we will arrange for registration with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK).
  • We will then send you the contract to sign as soon as possible.
  • If you are under 18, your parents will also sign.
  • Please return the signed contract to us as soon as possible.

Your probationary period with us is 3 months. During the probationary period, we want to find out together whether you can achieve the goal of the training and whether we fit together. 
If we realise that, contrary to expectations, it is not a good fit, either of us can terminate the contract within this period without giving reasons and without observing a notice period.

Your daily training time is 7:48 hours, i.e. 39 hours per week. Your lunch break is 30 minutes (over 18) or 60 minutes (under 18).

If you are a minor before you start your training, you must have a medical examination and submit the certificate of the initial examination to us. You must have the examination before you start your employment, otherwise the IHK cannot register the vocational training contract.

We provide you with all the working materials you need in our company. This includes your personal laptop, protective gowns, safety goggles and consumables. 
School materials are provided by the school or you have to get them yourself. At the beginning of each training year, you will receive a teaching material allowance of 50 €.

Our benefits and employee advantages include...

  • Flexible working hours 
  • Very good chances of being taken on after the apprenticeship 
  • Courses and team training (English courses, Excel, Word and PowerPoint)
  • various health offers on our campus (vaccinations and cancer screening)
  • home office options 
  • childcare for parents with children 
  • all staff: inside the centre have access to an extensive programme with a wide range of discounts. 
  • sports courses

The collective agreement for public service trainees (TVAöD) is an existing collective agreement that determines how an employment relationship begins, ends and is regulated.

Your remuneration amounts to...

  • 1218,26 € in the 1st apprenticeship year
  • 1268,20 € in the 2nd apprenticeship year 
  • 1314,02 € in the 3rd apprenticeship year

The training period in the respective occupations...

  • Training as a management assistant for office management -> 3 years
  • Training as a biology laboratory assistant -> 3.5 years
  • Apprenticeship as an animal keeper - research and clinic-> 3 years
  • Training as an IT specialist - system integration -> 3 years

You can shorten your training in consultation with us. 

Thanks to the collective agreement, you have 30 days of holiday. You also have the 24th and 31st of December off. On Shrove Tuesday you have half a day off.

Your training certificate documents for you, for us and for the Chamber of Industry and Commerce what you have learned. You must sign and present this in full at the time of your examinations, otherwise you will not be admitted to the examination. 

You will be informed of the exact date of your intermediate and final examinations about 2 weeks in advance. We will clarify all other questions about the exam when the time comes.

Once you have been through all the departments, you can think about which department/institute suits you best and where you can best imagine working after your training. As a trainee at the Helmholtz Centre, you have a very good chance of being taken on. You should make sure you are taken on a few months before the end of your training.

Any questions?

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