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Helmholtz Diabetes Center Institute for Diabetes and Cancer

Here at the IDC, we conduct research on the molecular basis of severe metabolic disorders, including the metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes, as well as their roles in cancer initiation and progression.

Here at the IDC, we conduct research on the molecular basis of severe metabolic disorders, including the metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes, as well as their roles in cancer initiation and progression.

Our Research Groups

DCO group image 2
Helmholtz Munich | ©Sevgican Demir
Herzig Lab

Diabetic Complications

The Diabetic Complications division at the IDC explores transcriptional, epigenetic and signalling components controlling systemic and tissue-specific insulin sensitivity, and tests their potential to serve as novel therapeutic platforms in diabetes prevention approaches.

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Image for the MAC group
Helmholtz Munich | ©Juliano Machado
Berriel Diaz Lab

Metabolism & Cancer

By using in-vivo models of metabolic dysfunction and cancer, as well as complementary in vitro approaches, our aim is to uncover the molecular mechanisms underlying these diseases and their complex interactions to better understand and ultimately treat them.

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Endocytosis & Metabolism Group Image
Helmholtz Munich | ©Surui Wang
Zeigerer Lab

Endocytosis & Metabolism

The major goal of our lab is to understand how endosomal trafficking and metabolism influence and regulate each other. We want to unravel the cellular mechanism how external cues induce changes in cellular metabolism by altering endosomal functions and to provide new cellular tools for treatment of metabolic diseases.

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Vogt Lab

Metabolic Programming across Generations

Our lab is interested in deciphering the complex and multifaceted mechanisms that contribute to altered disease susceptibilities across generations. Here, we focus on delineating how changes in metabolism and diet in one generation impact developmental programs, molecular profiles and subsequent health outcomes in the offspring and subsequent generations

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Anusorn -
Pellegata Lab


In the Neuroendocrinology Division at IDC we investigate the interplay between tumors and both local and organismal metabolism by employing various relevant experimental models and imaging methods.

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SciePro -
Rohm Lab

Tissue Crosstalk in Cancer Metabolism

Our aim for the future is to strengthen the idea that obesity/diabetes and cachexia are two sides of the same coin. Studying these metabolic diseases in the context of each other will lead to conceptual advances in both fields.

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Muscle Fibre Staining
Helmholtz Munich | © Kenneth Dyar
Dyar Lab

Metabolic Physiology

We aim to comprehensively identify the range of underlying metabolic causes and consequences that distinguish healthy from unhealthy ageing - ultimately seeking to harness this information to develop novel personalized therapeutics to mitigate unhealthy ageing trajectories, and to recover and maintain health status.

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3d rendering of Human cell or Embryonic stem cell microscope background.
Anusorn -
Georgiadi Lab

Endocrine Pharmacology

We study novel ligand-receptor pairs, which control key adipocyte functions involved in adipocyte size, energy storage, energy expenditure, ageing dependent malfunction as well as the communication of the adipose tissue with other metabolic organs, such as liver and muscle.

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Antibodies attack a cancer cell or virus
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Zitzelsberger Lab

Translational Metabolic Oncology

Our lab has a particular focus on the investigation of radiotherapy response and the therapy of tumor recurrences of various cancer entities such as head and neck cancer and glioblastoma.

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SciePro -
Ekim Lab

Joint Heidelberg-IDC Translational Diabetes Program

The Joint Heidelberg-IDC Translational Diabetes Unit represents the translational and clinical arm of the IDC Diabetes activities and has been established in collaboration with the University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany, and the Collaborative Research Center 1118, funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft DFG.

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Steffens Lab

Endocannabinoids and Cardiovascular Diseases

We investigate innate immune responses and endocannabinoid signaling in cardiac repair and vascular disease.

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Андрей Яланский -
Supporting Science

Research Management

We contribute to shaping the research profile and strategy of the IDC

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Scientists at IDC

Prof. Dr. Stephan Herzig New

Prof. Dr. Stephan Herzig

Director & Head of Division Diabetic Complications View profile
Portrait Berriel Diaz Mauricio_IDC

Dr. Mauricio Berriel Diaz

Deputy Director & Head of Division Metabolism & Cancer View profile
Profile Picture Anja Zeigerer

Prof. Dr. Anja Zeigerer

Head of Division Endocytosis & Metabolism View profile
IDC_Rohm Maria Portrait

Dr. Maria Rohm

Head of Division Tissue Crosstalk in Cancer Metabolism View profile
Natalia Pellegata 30

Prof. Dr. Natalia Pellegata

Head of Division Neuroendocrinology View profile
Porträt Georgiadi Anastasia

Dr. Anastasia Georgiadi

Group Leader Endocrine Pharmacology View profile
Merly Vogt 15

Dr. Merly Vogt

Group Leader Metabolic Programming across Generations View profile

Prof. Dr. med. univ. Julia Szendrödi

Medical Director of the Clinic for Endocrinology, Diabetology, Metabolic Diseases and Clinical Chemistry at Heidelberg University Hospital
Portrait von Bilgen Ekim

Dr. Bilgen Ekim

Junior Group Leader Heidelberg

Prof. Dr. Sabine Steffens

Group Leader Cardiovascular Disease Comorbidities View profile
Profile Picture Alexander Bartelt

Prof. Dr. Alexander Bartelt

Head of Division Cardiovascular Immunometabolism
IDC_Wiedemann Tobias Portrait

Dr. Tobias Wiedemann

Head of Research Unit Specialized Metabolic Phenotyping
Portrait Miriam Guhl

Miriam Guhl

Coordination and Administration

Annika Wieder

Technische Assistentin
Porträt Gil Lozano Manuel

Dr. Manuel Gil Lozano


Dr. Adriano Maida

Scientific Laboratory Director
IDC_Pulz Elke Portrait

Elke Pulz

Senior Technician
Design ohne Titel - 7

Dr. Hermine Mohr

Porträt Krones-Herzig Anja

Dr. Anja Krones-Herzig

Affiliated HDC Coordinator
Porträt Jouffe Celine

Dr. Celine Jouffe


Dr. Ana Alfaro

Coordinator Drug Develompent & Industrial Collaborations

Dr. Peter Weber

Porträt Morigny Pauline

Dr. Pauline Morigny

Wolff Gretchen Porträt IDC

Dr. Gretchen Wolff

Porträt Kaltenecker Doris

Dr. Doris Kaltenecker

IDC_Walth-Hummel Alina Portrait

Dr. Alina Walth

Porträt Machado Juliano

Dr. Juliano Machado


Dr. Yun Kwon

Porträt Lohr Kerstin

Dr. Kerstin Lohr

Coordinator Pre-Clinical Development
Portrait Susanne Drogoin, IDC

Susanne Drogoin

Assistant Coordinator Diabetes Research School (Maternal Leave)
Porträt Karthikaisamy Vignesh

Dr. Vignesh Karthikaisamy


Sevgican Demir


Dr. Anne Caniard

HDC Scientific Coordinator
Porträt Harrison Luke

Dr. Luke Harrison

Science Manager
Porträt Hass Daniela

Daniela Haß

Senior Technician
Porträt Motzler Karsten

Dr. Karsten Motzler

IDC_Valenca Isabel Portrait

Dr. Isabel Valenca


Surui Wang

Doctoral Researcher
Portrait  Pia Kühnast Benedikt

Dr. Pia Benedikt-Kühnast

Porträt El-Merahbi Rabih

Dr. Rabih El-Merahbi

Porträt Magalhaes Thaina

Dr. Thainá Magalhães

Porträt Marschner Anja

Dr. Anja Marschner

Head of Unit Research Management
Porträt Ji Honglei

Dr. Honglei Ji

Porträt Fumo Amy

Amy Fumo

Doctoral Researcher
IDC_Terron-Exposito Raul Portrait

Raúl Terrón Expósito

Porträt Kocak Hande

Dr. Hande Kocak

Design ohne Titel - 12

Dr. Gabriele Möller

Porträt Gabriele Zieglmeier

Gabriele Zieglmeier

Porträt Janina Tokarz

Dr. Janina Tokarz

IDC_Schieweg Marion Portrait

Marion Schieweg

Porträt Simoes Fernandez Estefania

Dr. Estefania Simoes Fernandez

Porträt Mhamane Amit

Dr. Amit Mhamane

Porträt Paredes Yubero Carmen

Carmen Paredes Yubero

Doctoral Researcher
Portrait Kalina Draganova, IDC

Dr. Kalina Draganova

Coordinator Diabetes Research School (Maternal Leave)
IDC_Tissink_Joel Portrait

Joel Tissink

Doctoral Researcher
Porträt Köker Sahika

Dr. Sahika Cingir Köker

Porteät Wang Jintian

Jintian Wang

Doctoral Researcher
IDC_Syed Qaaifah Portrait

Dr. Qaaifah Gillani Syed

Porträt Guerra Joel

Dr. Joel Guerra

Porträt Karna Bhagarvi

Bhargavi Karna

Doctoral Researcher
Porträt Marangelo Alessandro

Alessandro Marangelo

Doctoral Researcher
Porträt Matta Leonardo

Dr. Leonardo Matta

Porträt Karagiannakou Vasiliki

Vasiliki Karagiannakou

Doctoral Researcher
IDC_Samanci Tuna Portrait

Tuna Felix Samanci

Doctoral Researcher
Porträt Maria Pop

Maria Pop

Doctoral Researcher
Portrait Chovsepian Alexandra, IDC

Dr. Alexandra Chovsepian

Postdoc (Maternal Leave)
IDC_Alina Schreier Portrait

Alina Schreier

Porträt Jha Ankush

Ankush Jha

Doctoral Researcher
IDC_Thoudou Aspasia Portrait

Aspasia Thodou-Krokidi

Doctoral Researcher

Elsa Araadom

Lab Assistant
Group photo of Organizers for Diabetes Conference - 16

Kathrin Niemitz

Event Manager

Mohamed Abouelmaaty


Nadine Rink

Coordinator Pre-Clinical Development
Porträt Münch Sophie

Sophie Münch

Doctoral Researcher

Moya Wu

Research Associate
Porträt Taoyue Yang

Taoyue Yang

Doctoral Researcher
Group photo of Organizers for Diabetes Conference - 18

Congcong Wang

Doctoral Researcher

Melanie Bock

Coordination and Administration of the Research School for Diabetes
Group photo of Organizers for Diabetes Conference - 17

Dr. Su-Ping Ng

Design ohne Titel - 2

Alexandra Grüttner

Horst Zitzelsberger_NEU, HDC Gebäude

Prof. Dr. Horst Zitzelsberger

Head of Division Translational Metabolic Oncology View profile
Porträt Marion Böttner

Marion Böttner

Administrational Assistant of Division Translational Metabolic Oncology
Porträt Benedek Danko

Benedek Danko

PhD student

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Portrait Miriam Guhl

Miriam Guhl

Coordination and Administration

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