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Bioengineering Center Biological and Medical Imaging

We invent innovative imaging and sensing technologies and drive their clinical translation by developing bioengineering solutions for the life sciences and medicine to benefit patients and society.

The Institute of Biological and Medical Imaging (IBMI) of Helmholtz Munich, Germany, is a multi-disciplinary academic research structure strongly integrated with the Chair of Biological Imaging at the Technical University of Munich. 

Research Groups

DNA background
Leigh Prather -

Nanomedicine and Biomarkers

In the Nanomedicine and Biomarkers Group, we study preclinical models of disease with label-free MSOT imaging to develop working pipelines for in vivo detection and quantification of biomarkers, such as lipid content, blood perfusion, and tissue oxygenation.

Genetic engineering and gene manipulation concept. Hand is replacing part of a DNA molecule.
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Cell Engineering

The research group for Molecular Engineering focuses on enabling this rich variety of tools for opto-acoustic (OA) imaging. OA is an emerging methodology bridging light excitation and ultrasound detection towards deep tissue imaging.

medical equipment, ultrasound machine closeup
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Clinical Bioengineering

The Laboratory for Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography researches (multi-spectral) optoacoustic imaging technology geared towards clinical applications.

Abstract human hologram
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AI in Optoacoustics

At the group for "AI in Optoacoustics" of IBMI, we design innovative algorithms for biomedical imaging modalities based on sophisticated mathematical models.

Jüstel Lab
Defective mESCs (green) with poor mitochondria function are eliminated by mESCs with active mitochondria (red)
Lima and Lubatti et al., 2021, Nat Metabolism; ©The Author(s), under exclusive licence to Springer Nature Limited

Fluorescence Imaging

The Laboratory develops advanced fluorescence imaging methods for pre-clinical and clinical imaging, leading in 2011 to the first clinical translation of a targeted fluorescent agent for optical molecular imaging of patients.

A petri dish with growing cultures of microorganisms, fungi and microbes. A Petri dish  ( Petrie dish) known as a Petri plate or cell-culture dish
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Our group’s primary research interest is to understand the mechanobiology of the airway epithelium.

Human lungs anatomy form lines and triangles, point connecting network on blue background. Illustration vector
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Optoacoustic Endoscopy

The Laboratory for Optoacoustic Endoscopy researches (multi-spectral) optoacoustic imaging technology geared towards clinical applications.

Wound healing_scarring process.Nature
Helmholtz Munich | Donovan Correa Gallegos

Optoacoustic Mesoscopy

Our group conceives, designs and develops multispectral optoacoustic technology that allows performing non-invasive anatomical, functional and molecular optical imaging of the skin in the clinics.

Silicon chip
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Medical Sensors

Our research innovates hybrid methods combining thermoacoustic, optoacoustic and fluorescence imaging.

Exploring the dynamics of chromatin structure and function across physiological states
Helmholtz Munich | Daphne Cabianca

Translational Optoacoustics

Our group focuses on developing technology and applications on the combination of optical and optoacoustic microscopy in order to deliver contrast and imaging abilities not available in optical microscopes today.

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Biology Core Facility

The group „Core Facilities“ is centered around provision and development of cell lines and animal models for optoacoustic imaging.

Our Management Team at IBMI

Dr. Andre C. Stiel

Group Leader

Dr. Vipul Gujrati

Group Leader

Angelos Karlas, MD; Dipl-Ing.

Group Leader; Clinical Translation Manager

Dr. Dimitris Gorpas

Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Miguel Angel Rafael Pleitez

Affiliated Professor

Dr. Hailong He

Group Leader

Dr. Philipp Köhler

Project manager

Dr. Doris Bengel

Laboratory manager

Our Scientists at IBMI

Dr. Hailong He

Group Leader

Dr. Andre C. Stiel

Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Miguel Angel Rafael Pleitez

Affiliated Professor

Dr. Dimitris Gorpas

Group Leader

Dr. Vipul Gujrati

Group Leader

Dr. Antonia Longo

Alumni (Ph.D. Student), Guest

Nikolina-Alexia Fasoula

Ph.D. Student

Jan Kukacka

Alumni (Ph.D. Student) - Machine Learning and Image Analysis for Biomedical Imaging
Porträt Suhanyaa Niktunanantharajah

Suhanyaa Nitkunanantharajah

Ph.D. Student - Machine Learning and Data Analysis for Optoacoustic Sensing

Nurettin Okan Ülgen

Ph.D. Student

Mariia Stankevych

Ph.D. Student

Tao Yuan

Ph.D. Student

Francesca Gasparin

Ph.D. Student

Christoph Dehner

Alumni (Ph.D. Student) - Image Reconstruction and Processing

Anna Tenditnaya

Ph.D. Student
Porträt Maria Begona Rojas-Lopez

Maria Begona Rojas Lopez

Ph.D. Student - System Characterization and Data Analysis

Elena Kriukova

Ph.D. Student

Linda Hädrich

Ph.D. Student
Porträt Maximilian Bader

Maximilian Bader

Ph.D. Student - Modeling and System Characterization

Ludwig Englert

Ph.D. Student

Dr. Yishu Huang

Guest Scientist
Porträt Lukas Platz

Lukas Platz

Ph.D. Student - Probabilistic Reconstruction and System Characterization

Klaudia Winkler


Simon Göllner

Ph.D. Student

Claudia Hofmann


Dr. Davide Di Giuseppe

Postdoctoral Fellow

Azeem Mohammed

Ph.D. Student
Porträt Philipp Haim

Philipp Haim

Ph.D. Student - Probabilistic Reconstruction and Fluence Modeling

Myeongseop Kim

Ph.D. Student

Sarah Franceschin

Ph.D. Student - Tissue Characterization and Data Analysis in Optoaoustics
Porträt Manuel Gehmayr_1

Manuel Gehmeyr

Ph.D. Student - Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis for Optoacoustic Sensing

Sarkis Ter Martirosyan

Ph.D. Student - Data-driven Optoacoustics for Metabolism
Porträt TramDo

Dr. Thi Bich Tram Do

Postdoctoral fellow - Inverse Problems in Optoacoustics

Constantin Berger

Ph.D. Student - Computational Modeling for Metabolic Sensing and Imaging

Dr. Chadi Abdel Sattar Ibrahim

Physician scientist - Clinical Epidemiology

Riccardo Zulla

Ph.D. Student

David Gorbunov

Ph.D. Student
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Di Giosia, M. ; Solda, A. ; Seeger, M. ; Cantelli, A. ; Arnesano, F. ; Nardella, M.I. ; Mangini, V. ; Valle, F. ; Montalti, M. ; Zerbetto, F. ; Rapino, S. ; Calvaresi, M. ; Ntziachristos, V.

A bio-conjugated fullerene as a subcellular-targeted and multifaceted phototheranostic agent. Adv. Func. Mat. 31:2101527 (2021)