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Matthias Tschöp Awarded EMBO Membership

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Prof. Dr. Matthias Tschöp, CEO of Helmholtz Zentrum München, has been elected a member of the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO). Today EMBO announced the names of the international scientists that have been newly elected as members based on their scientific excellence and groundbreaking research.

Matthias Tschöp is known for his breakthrough research in diabetes and obesity. He has revealed key elements of the gut-brain axis and its role to regulate body weight and metabolism enabling the development of several novel classes of drug candidates to prevent or reverse diabetes, obesity and metabolic diseases. He discovered that the gastric peptide ghrelin can function as a "hunger hormone" that drives appetite and food intake after food restriction. In close collaboration with Richard DiMarchi, he developed novel unimolecular combination therapeutics which show metabolic benefits in preclinical models and in early clinical trials.

EMBO is a leading organization in life sciences with approx. 1,800 highly esteemed members. The organization aims to promote excellence in life sciences in Europe and around the world. EMBO members support the community through their international collaborations and network and are actively involved in the organization’s projects, such as the evaluation of applications for EMBO funding, the mentoring of young scientists and by providing suggestions and feedback. New members of the organization are nominated and elected by its existing members in recognition of their outstanding scientific achievements.

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